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Youth Group Receives Award from Heifer Int’l.

Just a little over a year after forming, the Youth Group at St. Joseph Parish donated to Heifer International, via Ms. Debb Makara, their local representative, the sum of $5,024.15 for the purchase of a Gift Ark.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for even larger groups.  The parish has been supporting Heifer for more than twelve years as one of its designated charities.

Heifer ( is a charitable organization celebrating its 70th anniversary that is working to end hunger in the world by gifting animals to needy families in over 25 countries from the poor of Appalachia to Africa to Asia, and Europe.  The Gift Ark comprises two of most of the animals Heifer offers, including Water Buffalo, cows, sheep and goats, along with bees, chicks, rabbits and more.

As Ms. Makara explained before presenting the award, the animals can provide entire communities with milk, eggs, honey and wool; provide income by supplying an abundance of goods to sell; sustain farming by providing livestock to work the land, and improve the lives of families for generations.  The recipients agree to pass on the first female offspring to another needy family, thereby “Passing on The Gift.”


Vega Johnson-Bouchard presents the check for $5024.15 to Ms. Debb Makara of Heifer Intl.

Fr. Tony expressed his amazement with the group’s achievement during the presentation on December 4, 2016.  Both he and Ms. Barbara Yager, the group’s leader, told of how the youth raised the sum through raffles and donations large and small by parishioners and local community groups.  Vega Johnson-Bouchard presented the check and Krystal Finn gratefully accepted the award from Heifer on behalf of the parish.


Members of our Youth Group with Ms. Debb Makara of Heifer Intl.  The award is in the foreground.

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