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Visit/Return to Work

The following notice will appear in this weekend’s bulletin as an insert:

Members of my family wished to come and visit me at the time of my recent major surgery and recuperation.  I thanked, but discouraged them until I was mostly healed. Now is the time!

My sister, Agnes, who is a religious sister, will arrive this Tuesday, June 7.  She will need some time to recover from jet lag, but intends to attend the 9am Eucharistic Services on Friday, June 10. If you are able to meet her, that would be wonderful.

We will meet our brother, Fr. Hugh, at Bradley Int’l. Airport on the 10th and enjoy a few days together until Sr. Agnes leaves with Fr. Hugh to spend a few days in Houston before returning home.

And last, but not least; the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will recommence celebrating daily Masses on Monday, June 20.

Fr. Tony

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