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The Reagey Family Thanks You! (10/19)

About 50 people showed up on a dark, damp, dreary and drizzly Friday evening to a darkened church to pray for the safe return home of Nancy Reagey and support her family at a candlelight vigil, with Father Tony as the celebrant.  The service marked the first anniversary of Nancy’s disappearance in 2011.  Her sister, Kathy, and the entire Reagey family wanted to pass along their sincerest thanks to all who attended – it really meant a lot.

Many stayed for refreshments afterwards; sampling some delicious cookies, brownies, pumpkin bread, a cracker and cheese plate, along with several types of beverages from which to choose.  Mmm Mmm, good.

Thanks to Mary York for filling in as the organist while Ron was away – excellent job!

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