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Tag Sale Results (10/8)

Here are the results of the two tag sales we had this year:

Tea Cup Auction ($618), Car Wash ($20), Silent Auction ($110), Fried Bread Dough ($62), Bake Sale ($319.86), Food Concession ($236.01) Tag Sale ($3,426), Lottery Tree ($400), which was won by John Tetreault of Shelburne Falls, and the Go Green 50/50 Raffle ($275) was won by Mary Gelinas of Charlemont.  The scrap metal brought in ($213) for a grand total of $5,679.87.  Our food concession expenses ran about $50, so we’re still talking more than $5,600 net.

We are still receiving donations for stuff people are browsing through this week, so the total will go up slightly, but that is the breakdown we have to date.

These funds will be put towards replacing the furnace at the rectory.  We are about 65% of the way to our goal of getting started on that project.

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