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Pray For a Successful Surgery

Please pray for a successful surgery as Fr. Tony goes back under the robotic knife at Mercy Hospital this morning to make permanent repairs to his plumbing.  I will keep everyone informed via this post as to how he is doing and when he gets back to the rectory.  Hail Mary…

UPDATE #1: Wednesday, September 30/noon: Father is resting comfortably in Mercy Hospital, Rm. # 538, after his successful 4hr surgery last night.  He is still pretty groggy and is trying to catch up on his rest.  More tomorrow.

UPDATE #2: Thursday, October 1/noon: Didn’t answer his phone, so probably sleeping. No update.

UPDATE #3: Friday, October 2/noon: Spoke with Father for a few minutes today.  His strength is returning as evidenced by his voice/attitude.  He has been freed from all encumbrances as I call them (IV, drain, catheter), and is beginning a solid food diet today.  He is still unsteady on his feet (basically told he was doing too much, too fast) and as such, the doctor has recommended (with Father’s blessings) he remain until Monday.  Please send any get well cards to the rectory.

UPDATE #4: Sunday, October 4/2pm: FT returned to the rectory this afternoon, where he will continue to rehab following surgery.

UPDATE #5: Friday, October 9/8pm: FT is getting visits from a visiting nurse twice a week.  He will go back to the hospital in about 3wks for an x-ray, and 2 weeks after that he will have the stent removed that was inserted during this last surgery.  He is not expected now to return to full duty until at least mid November.

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