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Practicing to be Paul, Vol. III

Here are portions of emails sent this week.BTW, you can assure the folks that I am getting plenty of “priesting” done at school. In the early music class, we are doing a piece with text from the book, Song of Songs from the Old Testament. It was given to me, by the teacher, to explain the text to the class. Oy vey……they couldn’t believe what that one is all about by the time I was done with them…heeheehee. Yup….even though I don’t wear the collar, they can still pick me out in a line up. PS I am the oldest student here by four years, Hannah is 54, and the next one down in age is Nathan at 49. Now to finish getting ready for the day, go to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then to St. Paul’s, near Harvard Square for an exquisite Sunday Liturgy, with the Archdiocese of Boston Boy’s choir, a superb organist who is originally from England, and a large church almost full of YOUNG people!!! Oh my……….

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