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Practicing to be Paul Update – Summer 2015

Since last writing you, classes and all have ended. My last exam was Tuesday the 5th, and my last vocal coaching was a week ago. So now I am a man of leisure and no means! Sunday I have a recital in the church here, and am going to have it recorded. There will be cd’s for sale after. The recital will start with four soloists from Project Opera out of Andover. There is a group there, the Treble Choir of New England, and our soprano section leader Rebecca Farnham teaches and directs this Project Opera. We are all looking forward to this part of the program as well as the rest, which features me as soloist, a flautist, a trumpeter, our church choir, which is pretty good, and our director/organist at the piano. Her name is Oksana Berezkina, and she was trained at the Moscow Conservatory, so she is no slouch when she plays, she also makes some incredible arrangements of things that we do. The last part of the program is the Vaughan Willliams Five Mystical Songs, for which she made arrangements for. The trumpet and flute players. Granted this piece was originally for baritone, choir and orchestra, but lacking the orchestra part one has to make do as one can.

In a couple of weeks I am going to be going to Sainte Anne de Beaupre for the summer. I am very much looking forward to this. A chance to work and relax at the same time. I will also continue my voice studies with a voice teacher/coach up there. Assunta Bouchard has been a great friend of our pilgrimage for a LONG time! and she has studied voice and is degrees to teach and coach. The big challenge, of course, is going to be learning the lingo of voice teaching in a French! Those are words that I have never used, so…..

Aside from these little. Things nothing really dramatic in my life at the moment. Just going to friends’ graduation recitals and trying to get my ambition up to prepare for the summer trip.

Give my best to everyone.

Fr. Paul

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