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Poker Run Results (8/13)

Sorry for the late post, everyone.  Busy, busy, busy!

The fog cleared off and a hot sun popped out intermittently on August 5 for the running of our 4th Annual Motorcycle Poker Run, which took about 20 riders on 15 bikes on a scenic ride from Hager’s Farm Market in Shelburne, up to Readsboro, VT (where we lost 1 bike due to mechanical problems, but the rider continued on another bike), back down through Charlemont and Ashfield before returning to St. Joseph for lunch and the announcement of the winning hand. That hand was won by Luis Misiun, Jr., of S. Deerfield, who held two pair (Ten’s over Three’s). Luis picked up a cool $200 with the winning hand. Special thanks to Doug Finn for promoting the event and to the Franklin Country Chapter of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association for participating!

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