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Please Pray for Fr. Tony

As many of you are aware, Father Tony has not been feeling well these past 7-10 days.  His health worsened on Christmas Eve and he was later taken to the Emergency Room at Franklin Medical Center for tests, and was subsequently transferred to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield last night.

We’ll try to keep everyone abreast of his condition as he allows, and without violating any HIPAA rules.

I’m sure he’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers and perhaps even a get well card.

We thank Fr. Donald Lapointe for celebrating the 9pm Nativity of our Lord Vigil Mass on very short notice.

UPDATE 1: 12/25 2:30pm Father Tony informs us that if all goes well with his treatment plan, he would probably be released from Baystate at some point on Saturday to recuperate at home.

UPDATE 2: 12/27 4:10pm Father Tony told me today that he is still not tolerating food nor drink, and as a result cannot be discharged from the hospital. A team of gastroenterologist will re-evaluate him on Tuesday. If you wish to make the trip to Baystate Medical Center, you may visit him in room C6148 in the Daly Building.

UPDATE 3: 12/29 8:00pm After having an Endoscopy yesterday, and his pain under control, Father Tony was restarted on a liquid diet today. He will progress to a diet of solid food tomorrow morning, and if that goes well, it is likely he will be discharged in the afternoon, pending results of his tests.  No definitive diagnosis has been found.  The doctors hope his discomfort will be moderated through diet.  Father Roach will continue to provide coverage until January 4.

UPDATE 4: 12/30 3:40pm Well, we are once again in a holding pattern.  Father tells me that he had another “attack” over breakfast today when he began “solid” foods.  So, it will be at least another night in Springfield for him.  Please continue to pray for an accurate diagnosis and for his speedy recovery.

UPDATE 5: 12/31 noon FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST! Father was discharged from Baystate just before noon and will be home later this afternoon. He asks that you please give him time to regain his strength before you visit or call him.

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