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Parish Change For Babies Check Presented to Alternative’s (7/12)

Father Paul presented Marie Beeching, the Change for Babies Project Coordinator for ALTERNATIVE’S Pregnancy Center, a check for the sum of $1,000.00 on Thursday morning.  The check is a result of donations collected in the parish from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day of this year. The expression on her face was priceless, and made our day!

Forty-three baby bottles were handed out to parishioners wishing to support this very worthy support group, located in Greenfield.  Parishioners filled the bottles with a lot of change, along with some bills and checks.  The parish increased its donation by a third, in just our second year involvement in the program.

The check was presented in front of the “Suffer the Little Children…” window in the Sacristy of Saint Joseph Church.

Monies raised in this program go to help women dealing with unplanned pregnancies; making sure they have the information to make an informed choice about their pregnancy and ultimately, we hope, choose life!

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