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Parish Aids Holland Herzig (2/5)


Parishioners, family, friends and friends of friends packed the Shelburne-Buckland Community Center on Friday, February 1 for a Benefit Supper to Support Holland Herzig.  The idea was presented to, and approved by the Pastoral Council in January, and Nancy Finn took the ball and ran with it.  She organized a group of parishioners including Katherine Walsh, who designed and produced the tickets and posters; Marion Scott handled everything to do with the Community Center; Tim Slowinski was asked to cater the event and he agreed to do so.  If fact, several anonymous Colrain families (thanks, “M”) donated the food enjoyed by over 285 people that night.  Hugh Knox donated the creamer, Pine Hill Orchard made and donated the brownies and Snow’s Nice Cream donated the ice cream for the Brownie a la Mode.  Marion Scott, Ron & Karen Dobosz donated the Community Center rental fee.

The Franklin County Technical School carpentry students made a chest for our general raffle.  It was the very first prize to go!  The CNC students of the CAD/CAM class crafted a gorgeous cribbage board, which raised $251.  Additionally, the faculty and students donated 1 cord of split and delivered fire wood (the winner will be picked this weekend at the 4pm Mass).  That raffle generated $291 towards our gross of $5,338.50 for the evening (still growing through donations received in the mail.).  But that was not the end of the Time, Talent & Treasure donated by FCTS – Mr. Paul Doran, a plumbing-heating teacher at Tech was asked and agreed to volunteer his services as the nights emcee.  The big raffle of the night was, of course, the 50/50 raffle.  Norman Herzig of Colrain won $253.50, which he immediately gave to Holland – without fanfare.

Thanks also to Melinda Dyer and Gary Ponce for selling 50/50 raffle tickets and the cord of wood.

In the kitchen, we’d like to thank Tim, Mike, Suzie and Bobby Slowinski, Tim and Robin Hartnett, Paula and Kaitlyn Bird for making the salads, putting the meals together, serving and cleaning up afterwards.

And finally, we’d like to thank everyone for coming out on a chilly evening to physically and spiritually support Holland and his family.  Though uncomfortable with the whole idea of a benefit, they were greatly moved by the tremendous turn out.  To everyone who purchased a ticket, or made a donation if they couldn’t attend… THANK YOU!

Please contact the rectory if you’d like to make a private donation to the family.

I hope I remembered everyone, but probably forgot a few.  Thanks to all of the organizers, to the do’ers and movers and everyone behind the scenes!

Pictures are posted here.

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