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Our Lady’s Halo is Re-lighted (11/30)

After several years, the halo on the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located in front of St. Joseph Church is working again.  Troubleshooting revealed the transformer which supplies electricity to the halo wasn’t working, due primarily to moisture caused by the weather.  A new transformer was installed and the compartment sealed with silicon to prevent moisture from getting in.

The halo is lit daily between the hours of 5 – 11pm for those interested in stopping by to view Our Lady.

Other work you may (or may not) have noticed includes numerous deep cracks being repaired and fresh coats of blue and white paint for her clothing and flesh tones on her face, hands and feet.  We hope to finish the project off in the spring by painting the facial features, rosary beads, sash, and the area beneath her feet.

You may see pictures of the statue on our homepage.

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