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New Parish Email Address (9/11)

We have experienced weather-related problems with Verizon for several months, if not longer, and Father (who has no television) had had enough!  So, on Friday, we switched our phone and Internet over to Comcast.  The price was about the same, and we now have cable internet vice DSL, so it was an upgrade.  Our new email address is:

We would urge all of our parishioners to update their address books and junk mail filters to allow our email to be delivered.  If you haven’t provided the parish with your email address, or have also changed your email address recently, we urge you to provide it to us – especially if you serve on one of our commissions, committees or boards.  It really cuts down on parish mailing expenses, and speeds up delivery to you!  Rest assured, we do not sell your address to anyone.

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