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Missionaries of the Poor Fundraising (11/14)

Every winter, Father Jack Roach and Hugh Knox fly to Kingston, Jamaica to renew their missionary spirit by helping the Missionaries of the Poor.  This year, the dynamic duo asked for parishioners to donate some gently used toys and some diapers for the children.  Some students at Mohawk Trail Regional School got involved as well, and several large boxes of donations will soon be shipped to North Carolina for forwarding to Jamaica.

Thanks to everyone who made a donation; to those who donated shipping containers and helped pack them and prepare them for shipment!

To supplement the toys and diaper donations, the tireless twosome are having a benefit supper to raise funds and awareness for the Missionaries of the Poor tonight (11/14) at the Shelburne-Buckland Community Center, beginning at 6pm.  Monies raised will be presented as a gift to the people upon arrival.

Would you like to become a Missionary?  You are invited to go with them January 8 – 22.  You need money for airfare (about $380), a current passport and a desire to help in whatever way you can.  Contact Hugh Knox at 413-834-2842 or Father Jack Roach at 413-624-5508 for more information.

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