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Labyrinth Project Update (12/10)

Approximately 750 stones on five pallets, and 2 yards of polymeric sand, which will be used to set the stones in the ground were delivered by Graves Concrete on Monday.  Diane Broncaccio, a Staff reporter at the Greenfield Recorder, stopped by to Interview Eileen Lively and Father Paul about the history of the project-to-date, and take a few pictures.  Meanwhile, parishioner Kevin Ford spent several hours picking up the pizza risers (used to mark the layout of the area) and then spread the sand over the outline of the labyrinth.  The sand was rotor-tilled into the ground by Doug Finn on Tuesday, and now the sod will need to be removed prior to setting the stones.

It is hoped the stones will be placed before the end of the year.  The engraved stones will form the outer ring.

Thanks to Kevin for his donation of Time, Talent & Treasure, this is paying for the landscaping portion of this project, and to Doug for the five T’s: the use of his Tractor, Tiller, Time, Talent and Treasure!  Everyone associated with the labyrinth is still walking around in a daze, finding these gifts hard to comprehend.

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