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Kentucky Update (3/16)

Dear Generous People:

My name is Mary Bryant. I am a parishioner at Prince of Peace church in West Liberty KY. Rev. Dan Edelen has asked me to coordinate all the incoming emails, phone calls and messages regarding the Tornado damage our county received on March 2, 2012.

I am sending a general information email to all of you to help in answering your questions. While our church and rectory did have some damage from the tornado, the repairs have almost been completed. We are very blessed.

Morgan County suffered tremendous loss of homes, and business. The county is working on immediate needs now. There are collection drop off areas for donating new supplies that are coming in daily. As quickly as the warehouse gets them in, they are being sent out to local churches and drop-off points to get these needed supplies to the public. The need changes daily and a new list is generated daily. The main collection hub is at Index Community Church and their phone number is 606-369-3789. This is manned by volunteers.

No volunteers are being allowed into the physical town at this point. The town is simply working on debris clean up at this time. Volunteers are needed at the Index Community Church for stocking and filling orders. There is also a Volunteer Reception Center here that is taking names of people who wish to volunteer time. The number is 606-783-8756. This center is also collecting names of people who need help.

When town opens, there will be new needs for people and volunteer staff to help with construction and tree removal. I cannot at this time give you a specific name of someone who needs help because that has not been gathered. There will be a tremendous need once these people have been identified. Future needs will be refurnishing homes. Everything from furniture to sheets to coffee pots will be needed. There is no place to put any of these items at this time.

As much as we appreciate the offer, we are not taking any used clothing at this time. We have had busloads donated. We no longer have physical space for these clothes or the manpower to sort them into sizes to get them to the people who need them.

God’s Peace,

Mary Bryant

Donation List for today March 13, 2012 (remember these needs change daily, you might want to call Index Community Church at 606-369-3789 to find out if anything is added or dropped) Remember these items must be new. Totes Rope Wheelbarrows Shovels Rakes Brooms Large Dust Pans Hammers Axes Pry Bars Gas Jugs Large Trash Cans Buckets Work Aprons Nails Packing Tape Pillows Sheets Gatorade Laundry Detergent

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