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It’s “Truck Day” at the Parish! (2/13)

The day we’ve been waiting for more than 3 years came today with the arrival of an F.W. Webb box truck containing the rectory’s new Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler (model MST 513), rated at 164,000 MBH and an AFUE of 88, for those who care.  Two technicians from Tognarelli Heating & Cooling, Rick Miner and Tyler Nolan, also brought a Bradford-White 40 gallon

energy star electric water heater.  With Father Paul gone to his recital, and as our Counting Crew toiled away upstairs with your generous donations from the past weekend, Rick and Tyler roughed in the plumbing and the electrical and installed the water heater.  Water to the rectory and church was temporarily secured during the install, which lasted about 90min.

On Tuesday, additional workers will show up to help move the new boiler into the basement, and take the old furnace out.  Doug Finn will take the old furnace to The Greenfield Recycling Co., Inc (formerly Kramer Scrap, Inc.) for scrap metal, where we hope to get a few dollars for the core.  The new furnace has to be

assembled on-site and new piping and electrical run for that as well.  Heating to the rectory will be temporarily secured during the boiler switch out.

Costs for the hot water heater (including install) came to $880, and the boiler was $6,000.  Thus far, a $500 deposit was made so that work could be scheduled, and a check for $4,215 was made out for the purchase of materials.  The remaining monies will be paid upon completion of the job.

We can expect to see a 5% savings on our oil heating bill at a minimum, with many customers who bought this particular boiler experiencing between a 10-20% saving!

Additional photos of the install will be published next week.

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