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Helping Hands (10/15)

Saturday, October 15 was our Fall clean up at St. Joseph church.  Thanks to Doug and Nancy Finn, Tom and Claire Rabbitt, Paul Griffin and Jim Kimberley for all of the hard work they put in.  Tim and Eileen Lively also showed up to haul some leaves over the bank.

There were fresh donuts and cranberry “cake,” apple cider and coffee for the hungry – thanks to the bakers and makers!

Projects this year included the pressure washing and cleaning of the St. Joseph statue, winter preps for the rectory and cleaning of the parish hall and kitchen.  Oh, and don’t forget the leaves… lots of them!

A lot of work was accomplished thanks to the leaf blower, pressure washer, tarps and cart, but we’d still like to see a few more volunteers (especially younger volunteers) participate in the spring clean up.  Some of us are not as young as we once were…

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