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Happy Anniversary!

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The parish held its annual Significant Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Joseph Church on Sunday, June 25.  Parishioners celebrating a multiple of five anniversary (25, 35, 40, 55, etc.) were extended the opportunity to renew their wedding vows before God and their fellow parishioners.  Father Anthony Cullen blessed their rings and the five couples repeated the vows they took those many years ago.  Ronald and Karen Dobosz were the senior couple this year, celebrating 55 years, with Deacon Thomas and Claire Rabbitt and Edward and Sandy Daviau celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year.  Our junior couples, Kenneth and Sandy Gilbert and Conrad and Kathleen Halberg, began their second 45 years of married bliss together.  It was unknown how many of them were going to Disney world after the reception, or even if second honeymoon’s were planned.  May God continue to bless their marriages!  Please feel free to leave them congratulatory messages in the comments section.

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