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Fr. Tony’s Medical Update – May 2016

Father Tony’s Medical Update

May 2016

Hi again everyone,

What a great and generous God we love, adore and worship. He is so good to all of us!

Before I give you an update on my medical condition I wish to, once more, thank you for the many Mass cards, ‘get well’ and good wishes cards which keep arriving. I know you are constantly praying for me. This is a great source of support and encouragement – a continuous source of strength.

Last Monday I had a consultation with my urologist/surgeon – at the same time my staples were removed, a great relief. As you know my surgery was unsuccessful. The problem was and continues to be an area of inflammation which prevented him maneuvering the kidney to reconstruct the ureter. In his words “we tried to implement every trick we know – nothing worked.” As a result, a new stent will be inserted every 6 months for the rest of my life.

The hope going forward is that my energies will return fully so that I can be fully among you once more – I so long for this to happen. There are some good indications that I will recover well in the weeks to come. My recovery and healing is continuing at a very good rate.  I was given the most encouraging news of all: my kidney function is now 100%. My visiting nurse and physio-therapist – both efficient and good-humored professionals – discharged me last week.

Our prayer now is for a full recovery. My family has been in touch with me (almost daily) and is fully aware of the situation. They all extend their gratitude for everything you do for me. Bishop Mitch is also fully briefed and is continuously most supportive.

Last, but most certainly not least, I thank Fr. Roach and Fr. Longe for their great support and friendship to all of us – and not forgetting my very valued cooks, chauffeurs and chauffeuresses and our secretary Jim.

 So I sign off “your Happy Chappy.”

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