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Father Roach eats Goat Intestines… (12/27)

December 27, 2011

Dear Mariema and all,

Celebrated another Mass in Swahili for Mr. Leonard at his home celebrating his birthday and the anniversary of his Baptism which took place last year on December 26.

A lot of people in this little  compound in a very simple mud home.  Of course there was a wonderful meal.  the first time I tasted and ate the intestines of a goat, something like eating Calamari.  It was a wonderful celebration, quite warm and loads of flies.  It was outside under a canvas covering.  The simplicity and the depth of their faith is very inspiring.  Off to Nairobi (it is now 9:55 AM) to meet and have lunch with Sister Pat Smith, a Sister of St. Joseph from Springfield who has spent years in Africa in Kisi about 6 hours from here but is visiting in Nairobi, fortuitous because I would not be able to visit with her. Bro Benjamin, my Guardian Angel and companion will  be accompanying me.  Stay well!

Peace!  Love!  Joy!  to all!!

Fr. John

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