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Deep Freeze Damage

On the evening of January 7, the coldest night of the young year, we believe the Fire-o-Matic thermally-fused electrical safety switch in the boiler room at St. Joseph Church malfunctioned, leading the furnace to believe there was a fire. The furnace immediately shut down, and the pipes leading to the upstairs bathroom, Sacristy, and Baptistery would freeze and later burst due to the extreme temperatures that evening. Upon discovery, the switch was replaced and heating was restored late the next morning. Doug Finn, Patrick Finn, Paul Gifford and Deacon Tom spent a good part of the day identifying and isolating burst pipes throughout the Church and we thank them for their efforts.  Additional areas of concern were also identified that will need to be addressed soon. We ask that you please bear with us while repairs continue being made. We are seeking insurance coverage to help pay for the damages.

Thank you to Hartnett Plumbing for their rapid response to our emergency and for their 2 days of hard work.  Most of the repairs have already been accomplished, but it came at a price of tearing into drywall in several areas to reveal the piping.

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