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Busy Weekend in the Parish

Hey, everyone!

It’s gonna be a busy weekend, so I wanted to remind everyone of what’s happening.

Spring is in the air!  On Saturday morning, we have our semi-annual clean up day at St. Joseph.  It all begins at or about 9am and usually lasts about 3hrs.  We will once again be joined by about 6-7 “volunteers” from the Franklin-Hampshire County Community Corrections Program, as they perform mandated community service.  They do good work and make a huge difference in manpower.  Several people usually make goodies for the work crews, so breaks are frequent, with coffee and baked goods.  I recommend dressing for cool weather as it is still early April.  Please bring tools (especially to pick up sand, sticks and rake lawns with) and gloves if you intend on working outside.  If that’s not your bag, you can work on some deep cleaning inside the Church or the hall.

As it is the first weekend of the month, Father Tony is offering the Sacrament of the Sick after the Masses to to anyone who needs it.

On Sunday, Msgr. Yargeau, Father’s Aksamit, Roach, Cullen and Campoli will be available to hear your confessions in our 4pm Communal Lenten Penance Service at St. Joseph.  Who knows, if you show up for 3hrs of work on Saturday, you may have already completed a good deal of your penance (if you’re lucky!).  Maybe you could recite an “Our Father” or two while sweeping up sand or wiping down the pews… hey, it couldn’t hurt.  If you show up real early on Saturday and wake Fr. Tony up, well, you probably ought to pick a different priest on Sunday 😦

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