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Bishop’s Statement on Physician Assisted Suicide

I am deeply disturbed to learn of local initiatives now being considered in support of physician assisted suicide.

In 2012 the voters of the commonwealth carefully considered a similar statewide ballot question and at that time by a clear majority rejected it.  

The reasons to oppose it then remain just as valid now. 

While supporters deceptively portray this as a compassionate effort, it is far from that, which is why groups representing some of the most vulnerable in our society, the disabled and elderly, remain in strong opposition.  

​And despite baseless assertions to the contrary, enabling suicide under such vague guidelines leaves the door wide open to abuse and a slippery slope of an ever increasing acceptance. 

In a time when we are confronted by a crisis of teen suicide, such an effort would no doubt send our young people a mixed message. 

Finally, with advances in pain management and hospice care, it is hard to understand why we need to make suicide legal.  

In the strongest terms, I urge that these measures be rejected.

Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski

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