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Committee Description

The purpose of the Liturgical Planning Committee is to provide whatever assistance the pastor deems necessary or desired for the implementation and execution of liturgical planning strategies. Its role is purely supplemental and in no way supplants the official functions inherent in the ordained priestly functions of the pastor nor the deacons assigned to the parish by the Diocese of Springfield. The Committee helps with the planning of parish liturgical events, aids in research and developing faith-based information for parishioner consumption, and helps in liturgical matters in whatever ways as designated by the pastor. The Committee encourages and solicits the participation of parishioners in the liturgical life of the parish.

The Committee meets on a regular bi-monthly schedule as agreed upon by its members and reports directly to the pastor concerning planning and organizational objectives. The Committee is open to new members as well as to others offering suggestions that would improve enhance and/or promote the liturgical life of the parish.


Membership on this committee is limited to whatever term(s) the pastor designates and based upon the generous willingness of its members to provide Time and Talent.  There is an informed agreement by its members to follow the guidelines, rules, and established norms as indicated by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Diocese concerning liturgical matters.

Contact Katherine Walsh for more information or to join at 413-775-3085.

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