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Update from Kenya (12/29)

December 28, 2011

Dear Mariema, Jed, and all,

Greetings from Kenya! I hope that all are well and looking forward to a New Year. Yesterday Bro. Benjamin and I went to Nairobi to have lunch with Sister Patricia Smith, a wonderful Sister of Saint Joseph from our Diocese of Springfield who has spent years in Africa. The Matotu ride was less hectic than usual because we did not run into any significant traffic jams, so we got to Nairobi in about 45 minutes which often times can take up to an hour and a half or two hours. The weather was quite inclement, we have had rain the past few nights and today it is raining off and on, so there was much mud and puddles. We walked and walked trying to get to an ATM machine so I could withdraw some money in order to pay for our lunch. All of the ATM machines took Visa cards which I did not have. We met Sr. Pat at the Basilica and went to Calipso which fortunately would take some American dollars so I was able to pay for a delicious meal. We had a very nice visit. After the meal Bro. Benjamin finally found an ATM machine which would take Master Card so I feel much more at ease. We walked and walked until we finally got to the bus and Matotu station and had about a forty-five minute bumpy ride to Choka and our walk from the intersection to our rented home. I was experiencing a bit of pain in my right hip and thigh because of all of the walking and finally took an Ibuprofen at night so that I could sleep. Today I feel much better and spend my morning doing laundry and studying Swahili for the weekend celebrations of the Eucharist. Needs more work but, hopefully, by the weekend I will be all set. It is not a very pleasant day today with my laundry on the line so hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and dry.

Blessings in abundance on you all.

Peace! Love! Joy!

Fr. John

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