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Tornado Relief Campaign Comes to a Close (7/3)

Many thanks to our parishioners who donated food, clothing or household good items for the diocesan-wide Tornado Relief efforts.  The response has been so overwhelming that many relief agencies are turning away donations.  For example:  not only has the diocese requested no more clothing be donated; the Western Mass Salvation Army distribution centers are bursting at the seams as well.

But have no fear; all of the clothing that was donated to this response will be picked up by The Salvation Army of Western Massachusetts regional center in Springfield for delivery to a center that can accept these items!

The clothing response was particularly well responded to, but we also took in a fair amount of non-perishable food items as well.  Unfortunately, about 20% of those items had to be purged as they were past their expiration date or the box had been opened.  For safety reasons, these items could not be delivered.  Please check the expiration dates of any food item prior to donating to any food drive.

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