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Kenyan Journal Entry #4 (12/22)

December 21, 2011

Dear Family and friends,

Greetings from Cokaa!

Two very interesting days. Went to Resurrection Gardens with the Choir, about a four hour drive a wonderful place wonderful prayerful spirit, tomb of Cardinal Otunga up for canonization. A very expansive place with beautiful gardens and spectacular walks. Yesterday we went to Machakos, another 4 hour drive at least. We had to go up a mountain into the bush to deliver some furniture to the mother of one of the choir members, fascinating which I will have to tell you verbally when I see you. I am having trouble with this computer so I want to conclude this letter as soon as possible The scenery was spectacular. Saw a large giraffe and herds of Gazelles along the road.

I hope I get a chance to send you another email before Christmas.

Love to all,

Fr. John

P S The antibiotics worked wonders.

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