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Fr. Tony’s Health Update (Weekend of Feb 28/Mar 1)

I write this letter to express my deepest gratitude to the Bishop, the Diocese, and yourselves. It is also to give you all an update regarding my medical condition.

Recently I was diagnosed with acute renal failure necessitating a serious surgical procedure on my remaining kidney. Last Monday (23 Feb), my nephrologist informed me that my kidney function has returned to normal. Thank God for this! Unfortunately, I have lost another month of ministering to you. I am receiving many reports that you are missing me and I assure you that I am missing you also – I SO look forward to returning among you.

Currently my medical team is, once again, re-addressing my chronic pancreatic condition. It is extremely inflamed, but thank God no infection is present. Bishop Rozanski has been kept abreast of these medical issues and has assured me of his prayers and that his primary concern is that my medical needs be fully met even if this takes, as my medical team informs me, months.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and my family for all the Masses, prayers and get well greetings offered for my full recovery. They are in excess of a hundred.

I am very moved by some groups in the parish, who, on behalf of you all, are taking care of my needs while I am at the rectory. I have received so many offers of assistance. I have appreciated and still am appreciating the space have afford me during my illness and so my weaknesses, tiredness and recovery periods can be attended to. If my family lived in the Diocese I would, of course, be with them during this time; but thankfully, the rectory is a good place to be.

God bless you all,

Fr. Tony (still a happy chappy)

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