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Carillon Installation at St. Joseph

We’re very excited to announce that on Thursday, a new digital carillon system was installed at St. Joseph Church by Church Specialties Inc., LLC of E. Poultney, VT (they also installed our bell ringing equipment in 1953).  The system consists of 4 speakers, a carillon capable of playing over 600 MIDI “songs,” an amplifier, and a digital interface.  Most of the system will be located behind the pipe organ or in the belfry.


We are currently having a bronze memorial plaque made, honoring our benefactors, Bob & Lois Howson.  When that arrives, we will invite their family for the dedication and blessing; hopefully very close to, or on Easter Sunday.  The system will be put into automatic operation afterwards.

Between now and then, we must program the system to “ring the bell” when we want it to. Initially, that will be hourly (during the day), call to daily and Sunday Mass, funerals, weddings, at Easter and Christmastime, and for special events/occasions.

Our nearest neighbors were informed via postal mail of this project during this past week.  We will be keeping the sound levels within the Town of Buckland limits for noise restrictions, and there will be no “bell” during normal “quiet hours (after 10pm).”

Many people have expressed their joy in anticipation of hearing the bells sound once again at our little community church.  We hope you will enjoy them as well!

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