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1st official “Social” a Success!

Father Tony wanted to let everyone know how extremely pleased he was to see about 30 or more people show up for our 1st “official” Sunday Social.  Even though some had left before he finished up with the Sacrament of the Sick, many people stayed and visited with each other.  It is Father’s sincerest hope that we will continue to build “community” through events such as this.  This is one of his goals for our parish.

Our next social will also be on the occasion of officially welcoming our newest parishioners on Sunday, November 9 after the 10:30am Mass.  All are welcome!  Please come and get to know your extended family!

Thanks to the wonderful members of our Family & Community Life Committee for preparing all of the food and drink for the social.  It was good to see they almost ran out!

BTW, we’re still looking for a name to call this gathering!

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